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I'm Dr. David Pulley, welcome to my page!

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Dr. David Pulley Founder of Diamonds In The Rough Consulting and is known as "The Soul Mate Specialist"   "Dr. Dave" has his Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy. He is a native of Philadelphia and is an expert on the subject of Soul Mates, largely due to the dissertation he wrote on the subject. This dissertation is one of the foundational research studies in clinical psychology on the concept, seeing that little research has been conducted on this topic. As a result, he is known as an expert on soul mates and a pioneer of some of the clinically based models and theories on the subject.   Dr. Pulley is a clinical psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience in the field and 4 years in private practice. His experience includes teaching, training, counseling, speaking, group facilitation and supervising. However, his research and extensive experience gives him expertise in the area of relationships and relationship issues.   Dr. Pulley has extensive experience in inter-relations consulting. He has developed models geared towards helping people understand themselves, their developmental level and their tendencies in mate selection. David offers these services as a supplement to therapy for working with those who would like to enhance their self-esteem.   Specialities: Relationship Issues, Anxiety, Attachment and Spirituality.

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Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Relationships, Soul-Mate Theory, Marketing, Brand Awareness

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